111 years of Melitta – 111 years of filter coffee

One thing we can tell you right away: You are not alone in loving coffee! Every second 5,000 cups of coffee are drunk worldwide. An impressive number.

Though ... to be more exact: "Every second, 5,000 coffee lovers start drinking a cup of coffee". After all, who drinks a cup of coffee in a second ...

But, in any case, another question is much more important for us - would you drink just as much coffee today if Melitta Bentz hadn't invented the coffee filtration in 1908? We don't think so...

A clever woman's idea became the worldwide standard - Melitta® filterbags

It is not known whether our company founder, Melitta Bentz, who gave her name to the company, knew from the outset that her Melitta® filterbags would eventually conquer the world. However, we can say quite objectively that this is what has happened - 20 billion filterbags are used worldwide every year to brew around 120 billion cups of coffee. Certainly, to a large extent with filter coffee machines, but increasingly also with the method invented by Melitta Bentz back in 1908. Today it just has a different name - pour over.

The 'pour over formula'

With some experience, you can make your pour over coffee instinctively. But if you want to get the most out of the more than 800 coffee flavours, we recommend the perfect pour over formula with the three "lucky numbers" 18, 300 and 96. Even though you can't win a million with them, they still make you happy, because they stand for:

  • 18 g coffee
  • 300 ml water
  • 96° Water temperature

The numbers you need for really good coffee! Try it out! You'll understand why many coffee lovers still think pour over is the best way to make coffee.

Celebrate with us! With our pour over products

You want to enter the world of pour over coffee? Or are you already a pour over professional? We have all the products you need for the perfect coffee. Except water, of course.

Pour Over

Let's not forget ... the filter coffee machine

Pour over requires a little time and leisure. You don't always have that. But you don't have to do without really good filter coffee.  What's taken for granted in almost every kitchen today was a real sensation in 1965 - the first Melitta® filter coffee machine. Finally, delicious filter coffee could be prepared almost automatically. And fast! The legendary MA 120 took just six minutes to make eight cups of coffee.
Today, Melitta® offers a complete range of different filter coffee machines: glass jug appliances and filter coffee machines with therm jugs.  Stainless steel appliances and colourful variations. Reliable entry level appliances and machines with special highlights such as a timer. A classic that has been holding its own since 1978 ...

Even 40 years after its launch, the Aromaboy® is still the smallest filter coffee machine in the world.  Today, it still masters the preparation of up to 2 cups of coffee just as well as it did back in the day. And the design? What was ultramodern at the end of the 70s is now simply wonderfully "retro".


Even after 111 years:
Melitta® coffee enjoyment