Fully automatic coffee machines – award-winning quietness!

The world's first fully automatic coffee machines with the Quiet Mark seal of approval

There is power in peace and quiet. That's why our three latest fully automatic coffee machines score high marks with maximum performance and hushed sound. Melitta® Barista TS Smart®, Barista T Smart® and CI Touch® are the world's first fully automatic coffee machines to be awarded the Quiet Mark seal of approval for pleasantly quiet coffee preparation.

Performance instead of noise

Interrupt an enjoyable conversation in the kitchen just because you are making a cappuccino? Angry neighbours when the espresso beans are ground at 6 in the morning? You can avoid this with the Melitta® Barista Smart® Series and the CI Touch®. Our secret? – The excellent low noise technology in the whisper quiet grinder.

To minimize the noise and thereby the stress in your life, we have developed a whisper-quiet steel conical grinder. The coffee beans are ground quickly and quietly. The coffee tastes really good too. And let's be honest - relaxed by the peace and quiet, you can enjoy your coffee twice as much.

Quiet Mark

In 2012, the Noise Abatement Society launched the Quiet Mark seal of approval. It helps consumers to discover low-noise products. Quiet Mark is used to identify the quietest products in a given category through scientific tests and evaluations in real test environments. In our case, a number of fully automatic coffee machines were tested. Particularly quiet products from the comparative test are then awarded the Quiet Mark seal of approval for quiet user experience.

Melitta® bean to cup machines with Quiet Mark

Both appliances in the Melitta® Barista Smart® series can be conveniently controlled using a smartphone. With the Melitta® Connect app, you can also store your personal coffee preferences really easily.

The Melitta® CI Touch® can prepare 10 different coffee specialities. The special feature - the ergonomically designed touch panel that responds to your gentle touch.