Enjoyment and responsibility

MISSION eco & care

1. Our Mission

For us at Melitta the conscious coffee enjoyment we offer with our products is closely connected with our business philosophy of sustainability. This involves a lasting and stable balance between economic, social and ecological interests, to ensure the long-term success of our company and to protect people, animals and the environment.

We are oriented towards the model of a sustainable corporate policy. This aims to meet the needs of the current generation without limiting the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs.

Suitability for everyday use:
We optimise our products in a process of continual development and improvement, to keep CO2 emissions from our products as low as possible. With our products every consumer has the chance to make a contribution to sustainability on a daily basis.

The Target:
All existing Melitta electrical products have undergone a life cycle analysis check. This analysis will be repeated every two years, to ensure that we can measure ourselves against the current technical requirements in the market.

2. Our Contribution

The Label:
We have developed a label, which helps consumers choose an product that guarantees conscious enjoyment. The label uses a value system, which we have developed.

The Value System:
In cooperation with external partners we have developed a rating system for our products, which as well as objectively measurable factors also takes social aspects into account.

After classifying all relevant factors in the value system the products will be rated using a star rating system. The rating will be published on the label for all Melitta electrical products. Whether the product has one star or five.

The basis of this rating method was developed by an independent company, which gives us advice on the topic of sustainability.

Our aim at Melitta is to make our products more sustainable and therefore more climate and environmentally friendly. For us, the current situation is always just one more step towards the next improvement.

3. Our Criteria: (diveded according to product life cycle)
a) Manufacturing:

Resources - Product (weighting: 20%):
The more environmentally friendly the resources used are, and the lighter the product is, the better the rating.

Resources - Production (weighting: 25%)
Here for example, the amount of energy used per product in manufacturing is assessed. The aim of this category is to continually improve our production methods with regard to the use of resources.

Packaging (weighting: 25%)
This category involves assessing the efficiency of the weight of the packaging and the materials used.

Social Aspect (weighting: 30%)
The inclusion of social indicators such as working conditions at our suppliers’ is what makes the Melitta value system so exceptional.

b) Use:

Energy efficiency (weighting: 45%)
Energy efficiency is at the heart of the use phase of a product. Here indicators such as energy consumption in use, energy saving features and the visibility of notes for the consumer on saving energy are assessed.

Product Safety (weighting: 35%)
Product safety includes factors such as food legislation, certification (e.g. ISO 9001) and material restrictions (e.g. REACH).

Life Time (weighting: 20%)
The life time relates to the length of the guarantee that Melitta offers on the product and to the quality and the availability of service and maintenance information. The easier these are to understand, the longer the life time, which can be expected from the product. This in turn saves resources and protects the environment.

c) End of life time:

(Product weighting: 70%, packaging weighting: 30%)
These indicators are used in accordance with the life phase and include for example recyclability and disposal. The individual ratings are based on a scientifically documented life cycle analysis.

4. Our Rating

A product can be awarded a maximum of five stars. The reference for the assessment is a fictional ideal product defined by us. This fictional product is a combination of the best technical components and software solutions currently available on the market for that product category. The information we gather on our product will be assessed in comparison with this ideal product.

Additionally, for the awarding of the Melitta label social aspects in connection with our suppliers will be included. This approach is new and makes the Melitta label very special. Social aspects include fair working conditions and fair wages.

You can find the ratings of our products here:

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5. Our Promise

We have already done a lot for the more sustainable development of our products. But we are involved in a long process, the aim of which is to continually develop our products on the basis of ever more indicators and continually improved data. Therefore, we at Melitta promise to check our assessment system indicators every two years, to adapt them to current challenges and to regularly extend them.